Why do your products cost more?

We don’t believe in doing something to protect animals whilst harming humans.

We are all animals, we all need safeguarding and we need to safeguard the planet we share.

We produce our products in Italy & Portugal under EU Law.

Our workers have rights that cover:

-Working hours, time off & annual leave

-Equal pay


-Parental leave


-Compensation for discrimination victims

-Agency worker protection

-Health and safety

This alongside the quality of construction and materials is why Will’s Vegan Shoes cost more than a pair of accidentally vegan shoes. There is always a story behind a low price.

In addition to this we are making investments to reduce our environmental impact on this planet and make our business more sustainable.

Recent achievements include:

-Everything we make and do is Carbon Neutral

-Most of our products are made with plants with vegan leather created with bio oil sourced from organic cereal crops in a carbon neutral process

-All our packaging materials are now sustainable and can be recycled, we now use non treated brown paper shipping bags, cardboard boxes and wrapping paper.

-All our deliveries and returns are now made through our eco friendly carbon neutral plastic free supply chain

Learn how we run our business and try to create positive change in the world through SUSTAINABLE  // ETHICAL // VEGAN FASHION

Click here to read our Ethical & Environmental Policy.

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