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We believe that if we all try to Make A Positive Choice we can create positive change in the world.


Always & Forever Vegan.

Always & Forever Vegan

We are a vegan company who have been at the cutting edge of vegan clothing and sustainable fashion since we were founded in 2012 by Will Green.

You do not need to be a vegan to enjoy wearing our vegan products. If you are learning about veganism or have been following the vegan way of life for years, they are meant for everyone to wear. The journey is yours to define. If you are working towards wearing vegan clothing then that’s exactly what the world needs.

Will’s Vegan Store has become a part of the worldwide vegan movement and the goto name for vegan fashion by helping people live a more positive life.

All of the materials we use are vegan from the fabrics to the glue.

Everything we make is Vegan Society registered and features their trademark for your assurance.

We are an award winning PETA Approved company.

We all need safeguarding.

We all need safeguarding

We don’t believe in doing something to protect animals whilst harming humans and the planet.

Every low price has a story behind it.

We are all animals. All life needs safeguarding. We need to safeguard the environment we share.

We are a cruelty free vegan store.

Ethical vegan products made in Italy & Portugal under European Union employment, discrimination and health & safety law.

Ethical vegan products

We are part of the ethical clothing movement. Our vegan products are ethically made. Our workers are protected. They have rights that cover:

  • The hours that people work, how much time off they have and their annual leave
  • The amount of money people earn and pay equality
  • Maternity leave and pay
  • Parental leave
  • Discrimination
  • Compensation for people who are victims of discrimination
  • Protection for people who are agency workers
  • Health and safety

Made with plants.

Made with plants

We use Italian vegan leather made from plants. It is produced from cereal crops grown in northern Europe to create a bio oil in a carbon neutral process.

Vegan leather is also known as faux leather, pleather, leatherette, synthetic leather, PU leather and fake leather. How vegan leather is made, how it performs and its impact on the environment can vary greatly.

Out vegan leather is not a second best option.

We use our eco friendly vegan leather made with plants for most of our vegan shoes and accessories. It is hard wearing, soft, breathable and is water resistant.

The rest of our products are created with the high quality eco friendly Ecolabel certified vegan leathers and suedes made in Italy and Spain that meet Oeko Tex 100 and REACH regulations.

Unlike leather or suede, the materials we use do not get ruined when they are wet and do not stain. Do not worry if you get them covered in mud. They will not even be damaged by road salt and slush in winter. It is easy to keep our footwear looking brand new.

Most of our outsoles are made from rubber. Since 2017 all our insoles have been made in Spain with recycled rubber.

We are passionate about raising the standard of quality in vegan clothing, reducing our impact on the environment and providing sustainable, environmentally friendly vegan shoes & accessories.

Our online vegan store operates a plastic free Carbon Neutral supply chain using sustainable materials.

plastic free Carbon Neutral sustainable materials

When we ship your order we do not use any plastic bags or plastic packing including the tape. Everything in the delivery is eco friendly, sustainable and can be recycled easily.

When you get your delivery please expect the following standards from us:

  • Non treated paper shipping bags from sustainable sources.
  • Non treated cardboard boxes from sustainable sources.
  • Biodegradable document packs with water based adhesive & backing paper from sustainable sources.
  • Non treated paper parcel tape from sustainable sources.

Everything we make and do is Carbon Neutral

Everything we make and do is Carbon Neutral

We are independently assessed under the Carbon Neutral Protocol. Everything we do is analysed in detail from producing our vegan clothing, to running our online vegan store to shipping your order. With this data we calculate our total carbon emissions for the year.

To offset our carbon emissions and turn them to zero, we invest in renewable energy projects such as wind, hydro, geothermal, solar and biomass.

This means all your vegan essentials from Will’s Vegan Store are Carbon Neutral.

Carbon Neutral vegan sneakers, vegan handbags, vegan wallets, vegan dress shoes.. all the products we make.

Every shipment we make and every return you send back to us is Carbon Neutral.

From operating this website, to picking and packing your order, everything we do is Carbon Neutral.

We don’t go on sale.

We don’t go on sale

You will not see this shown anywhere else on our online vegan store.

We do not have seasonal sales, clearance events or Black Friday discounts.

We are not fast fashion.

We design and manufacture to be sustainable so you buy less, reducing your impact on the environment.

We create our products to be sustainable so your consumption and impact on the environment is reduced.